A set of unique generic values.


The Set API is very similar to JavaScript's (MDN), but iterators are not implemented yet.


  • new Set<T>() Constructs a new set of unique value of type T.



  • Set#size: i32 readonly The current number of unique values in the set.


  • Set#add(value: T): void Adds the specified value to the set. Does nothing if the value already exists.

  • Set#delete(value: T): bool Deletes the specified value. Returns true if the value was found, otherwise false.

  • Set#clear(): void Clears the set, deleting all values.

  • Set#has(value: T): bool Tests if the specified value exists in the set.

  • Set#values(): Array<T> Gets the values contained in this set as an array, in insertion order. This is preliminary while iterators are not supported.

  • Set#toString(): string Returns a string representation of this map.