Built with AssemblyScript

A place for all things AssemblyScript. Feel free to add your projects and applications, in alphabetical order.


  • Wasm Mandelbrot (demo) A mandelbrot rendered using a variety of WebAssembly tools (emscripten, AssemblyScript, asm.js, etc ...)

  • WasmBoy Benchmark Benchmarking WasmBoy emulator.

  • webassembly-wave (demo) JavaScript vs WebAssembly performance comparison - wave equation demo (JS, C++, AssemblyScript).

  • Sort Colors Benchmark (demo) Bench of sorting random colors by hue component on 2d canvas.

  • wasm-n-body WebAssembly N-body simulation benchmark (use 1000 bodies compare to original).

  • as-benchmarks (demo) A set of computational benchmarks (JS, AssemblyScript).


Build Tools

  • Zwitterion A web dev server that lets you import anything*.

  • rollup-plugin-assemblyscript A Rollup plugin that allows you to import AssemblyScript files and compiles them on-the-fly.

  • visitor-as Tools for creating compiler transformers.


  • WebAssembly Studio Learn, Teach, Work and Play in the WebAssembly Studio.

  • Fastly Terrarium A compilation toolchain and sandbox to run WebAssembly server-side, with native support for AssemblyScript.

  • NEAR Protocol Examples Examples that use GitPod to develop and deploy distributed web apps using NEAR smart contracts authored in AssemblyScript.

  • NEAR Studio Develop and deploy distributed web apps using smart contracts authored in AssemblyScript. (Deprecated) See above Near Examples

  • Iodide Notebook Experimental tool for scientific communication and exploration on the web (more).

  • Assembleash A playground for WebAssembly and Typescript-like languages. (Deprecated)


  • wasmBoy (demo) Game Boy / Game Boy Color Emulator Library, written for WebAssembly using AssemblyScript.

  • Atari 2600 An Atari 2600 emulator written in AssemblyScript compiled to WebAssembly.

  • as-spectrum-engine AssemblyScript implementation of a ZX Spectrum emulator engine.


  • Chess (play) A free and open source chess game using AssemblyScript and React.

  • Gomoku WASM (play) A Gomoku game implements with WebAssembly using as2d.


  • as2d Bring the power of the CanvasRenderingContext2D prototype to AssemblyScript.

  • as-smallpt Port of C++ smallpt, a path tracing renderer.

  • Babylon.Font Create 3d text in BabylonJS.

  • seam-carving-as Seam Carving experiments with AssemblyScript.


  • AS-LZMA LZMA Decoder written in AssemblyScript.

  • assemblyscript-bson BSON encoder / decoder.

  • assemblyscript-json JSON encoder / decoder.

  • as-bignum (formerly bignum.wasm) Fixed length big numbers like u128, i256, fp128 and etc for AssemblyScript.

  • Levenshtein Wasm An experimental lightning-fast Wasm-compiled levenshtein library.

  • superfasthash An implementation of the SuperFastHash non-cryptographic hashing algorithm in JavaScript and WebAssembly.

  • as-wasi An AssemblyScript API layer for WASI system calls.

  • WASM-Crypto An AssemblyScript set of cryptographic primitives for building authentication and key exchange protocols.

  • rabin-wasm Rabin fingerprinting implemented in WASM (used by js-ipfs).

  • galois Arithmetic and polynomial operations in finite fields.

  • merkle Merkle tree and other data structures.

  • xoroshiro128starstar An AssemblyScript port of xoroshiro128starstar.c

  • pixelmatch-asc Pixel level image comparison library.

  • as-bind Isomorphic library to handle passing high-level data structures between AssemblyScript and JavaScript 🤝🚀. Built on top of the AssemblyScript loader.

  • wasmer-as Helpers for dealing with assemblyscript memory inside wasmer-runtime.

  • wasmbind Work with AssemblyScript memory and classes from Python.

  • io-devices-lib Library for interacting with the Wasmer Experimental IO Devices.

Embedded / IoT

  • wasm3-arduino Usage example with wasm3 which run on Arduino, PlatformIO, Particle.

  • Wasm3_RGB_Lamp Animating an RGB lamp, using WebAssembly (AssemblyScript).

  • wasm-arduino-wifi Example how update WebAssembly via WiFi on arduino.


  • as-pect A test framework for AssemblyScript inspired by jest.

Project Templates


  • wasm-matrix A Matrix effect in your terminal using AssemblyScript and WASI, deployed to WAPM.

  • WebAssembly music experiment A live coding environment in the browser for sequencing music with javascript and synthesizing instruments in AssemblyScript. Demonstrates compiling AssemblyScript directly in the browser, and live hot-swapping of webassembly modules.

  • WireWorld (demo) The Wireworld Computer in Javascript/Canvas.